Apex Legends Gold Items explained: Backpack, Helmet, Armor, Knockdown Shield and Attachments cover image

Apex Legends Gold Items explained: Backpack, Helmet, Armor, Knockdown Shield and Attachments

They’re shiny and they’re pretty rare. But what do the Apex Legends Gold Items actually do? We’ve got all the details. From Gold Armor to Gold Attachments.

Discovering Apex Legends Gold Items in-game always brings a bit of a rush, and they are often snatched up quickly if you're not careful.

But what do the Gold Items actually do? We took a look at each one and give you some guidance on which legends deserves them most.

The four key Gold Items in Apex Legends are:

  • Gold Knockdown Shield
  • Gold Armor
  • Gold Helmet
  • Gold Backpack

Apex Legends Gold Knockdown Shield

What does the Apex Gold Knockdown Shield do?

Any legend wearing the Apex gold Knockdown Shield will revive a squadmate with 50% of their current health pool (Armor+Health). This perk is called Guardian Angel.

A normal revive means you're back in the fight with just 25 HP. A revive with an Apex gold backpack revives a player with a minimum of 75 HP (50 health and 25 white armor).

This increases even more if the player being revived was downed with a purple or red shield.

Which abilities does the Gold Knockdown Shield synergize with?

The Apex Gold Knockdown Shield is best when equipped with a legend with an improved revive:

The legends who have an improved revive are:

  • Lifeline
  • Mirage
  • Gibraltar
Lifeline is a legend who benefits from the Gold Knockdown shield (when she is alive!)
Lifeline is a legend who benefits from the Gold Knockdown shield (when she is alive!)

Lifeline's passive allows her to revive squadmates without having to engage in the revive animation herself. She can continue fighting while her squad mates are being revived by the DOC. In addition both squad mates can be revived simultaneously.

Mirage's passive allows him to go invisible when he revives a squadmate. Another useful passive that synergizes well with the gold knockdown shield.

Gibraltar can revive squadmates 33% faster while under the protection of his Dome Shield.

Other good candidates for the Apex Gold knockdown shield are characters that break line of sight such as Bangalore, Caustic and Rampart.

Gold Armor

What does Apex Gold Armor do?

Apex Gold Armor improves the effectiveness of healing items in your inventory. Where a shield cell or syringe is used to recover 25 HP, the Apex Hold Armor will double that.

In effect, it is quicker than popping off a whole Shield Battery or Medkit. This perk makes it viable on any legend but specifically great on legends with passive healing.

Armor - Recover 25 HP
Armor - Recover 25 HP

Which abilities does Apex Gold Armor synergize with?

Unlike the Apex Gold Backpack, the armor can benefit any legend, but it depends more on the player's playstyle. However, Wattson and Octane are ideal candidates.

Wattson's armor passively regenerates which means she could just pop off a single shield cell and play a bit passively, providing suppressing fire from cover to become combat-ready again.

Octane, on the other hand can use it to either spam stims liberally or get back in the fight faster after popping a syringe because his passive health regen is quite strong and compliments the improved heal from the gold armor.

Apex Legends Gold Helmet

What is its unique perk?

The Apex Gold Helmet improves all cooldowns by 20%.

That's for both your Tactical ability and your Ultimate. So the longer your cooldowns are, the better synergy your legend has with the Apex Gold Helmet.

The gold helmet improves ability cooldowns
The gold helmet improves ability cooldowns

Which abilities does the Apex Gold Helmet synergize with?

Who to give a Apex Gold Helmet to: Legends like Bangalore and Gibraltar benefit greatly from the improved cooldowns on their ultimate because they can be great area denial tools.

Legends with useful tactical that have a longer cooldown are also ideal. Think along the lines of Fuse, Caustic, Maggie, or Crypto. Crypto's drone for example can be vital, but if its shot down, the long cooldown for a new one makes him far less impactful. Enter.. Gold Helmet.

Who not to give an Apex Gold Helmet to: This item SHOULD NOT be picked up if you're playing Octane, Mirage, or Loba. They gain a negligible benefit from it. Their cooldowns are already very low and the cooldown improvement from the helmet is not fixed but in percentage.

Think about the law of diminishing returns for a bit before you swipe one of these from teammates that could use it better.

Apex Legends Gold Backpack

What does the Apex Gold Backpack do?

The Apex Gold Backpack offers the player to hold more healing items. Specifically, Med Kits, Shield Batteries and Phoenix kits can be stacked to higher amounts.

This perk, called Deep Pockets is the newest of the Gold item perks. There was a bit of a switch around with the perks of the Gold items back in season 14.

Players have been thankful for the switch in perks. As being able to carry 3 Shield Batteries, 3 Med kits or 2 Phoenix kits per inventory slot is one of the most useful perks out there. While the slow self revive that the knockdown shield has was not as useful, and was annoying to deal with in fights.

The Gold Backpack's Deep Pockets perk in action, being able to carry higher stacks of healing items
The Gold Backpack's Deep Pockets perk in action, being able to carry higher stacks of healing items

Which abilities does Apex Gold Backpack synergize with?

The Apex Golden Backpack realistically synergizes with every legend to a degree since carrying extra meds can be invaluable. However, Legends like Lifeline or Loba who have easier access to healing items find a bit more usage out of the item.

Lifeline, with her Ultimate ability Care Package guarantees healing items when it touches down. Shield Batteries and Med Kits are guaranteed along with other healing items in the second slot of the package.

Loba as well gets a special mention regarding the Apex Gold Backpack. Like Lifeline, her Ultimate ability provides the opportunity for more medical supplies. With the Loba Black Market, you can loot large areas to get yourself some healing items.

Apex Legends Gold Weapon Attachments

While weapon attachments aren't necessarily tied to synergies with abilities, it is important to know that Gold weapon attachments also come with perks that you should be aware of.

Apex Gold Magazines

Apex Gold magazines reload the weapon automatically when it is holstered. You can find a gold magazine for light, heavy, energy, and sniper ammo types. This is a great pick-up when you use a strong primary weapon as your damage dealer and a secondary weapon to hold yourself together in fights. It also works with excellent finisher weapons like the Wingman or Hammerpoint RE-45.

Apex Gold Scopes

There are two types of Apex gold scopes in the game. close range and sniper optics. The perk they provide is threat sights. The close-range digital threat scope can be equipped on pistols, SMGs, and shotguns while the sniper optics can be equipped only on snipers.

The cooler scope - Threat vision and health bar
The cooler scope - Threat vision and health bar

Threat optics highlight enemies in red, kind of like heat-vision. Think Bloodhound's ultimate that's active whenever you aim down sights. They're great at increasing your accuracy and an R-99 with a digital threat is a force to be reckoned with because you can absolutely laser folks with it.

In conclusion

While these items are not guarantee game winners, you'd best be mindful of their perks and maybe keep an eye out on your squadmates. If you have a squadmate that can benefit from the gold item, ping it for them.

For example, your team's odds of winning the game increase significantly if you have a good lifeline player with a gold Knockdown Shield.

You can win more fights with Bangalore or Gibraltar's ultimates being available more often. Subtle details like these often get lost in a fast-paced game like Apex Legends but they do make a difference.