Apex Legends Maintenance Time – When will servers be back up (Answered) (April 2024) cover image

Apex Legends Maintenance Time – When will servers be back up (Answered) (April 2024)

Users cannot connect to the game during the maintenance period.

The launch of a new season or an update can unfortunately also mean bugs or server crashes in Apex Legends. It’s not ideal but the devs are usually hard at work to fix these issues. Regular Apex Legends maintenance periods ensure that players can hop on and resume playing as soon as possible. Here’s what we know about Apex Legends maintenance times and when players can expect the game to be back up again.

Apex Legends Maintenance 

The Apex Legends Maintenance usually takes place when EA spots some issues in the game. These maintenance periods ensure that there are no problems for users or to fix existing problems. 

We are deploying a fast fix to restore progress and content to affected accounts, but players will not be able to connect to the game during this time.


The April 3, 2024 Apex Legends Maintenance might be an attempt to fix the Progress Lost Bug or to fix other issues arising out of the latest update.

Image credit: Apex_Tracker
Image credit: Apex_Tracker

How long does the Apex Legends server maintenance last?

The maintenance times usually vary, but servers are usually back up in an hour or two. We recommend taking a break and charging up for your next gaming session in a few hours.

The April 3 Apex Legends session will go on for about an hour, Respawn has confirmed. So users can expect their games to be back up by 

  • 6.30 am EST
  • 6.30 pm Singapore
  • 11.30 am London

How to Fix Apex Legends Under Maintenance

Unlike other connectivity issues, it is usually due to Respawn servers posing problems. As a player, you have no other option other than just waiting it out and hoping for a quick fix.

Alternatively, you can also check your router connections to ensure you are getting adequate internet connectivity. This will ensure that when the servers are back up, you can hop on to the game with your friends (or solo).

Recently, many players also reported facing the Apex Legends Progress Lost bug after the April 2 update. The bug would result in stats deleted, cross-progression going away, heirlooms disappearing and even an Apex Account level reset. Respawn has mentioned it is aware of these issues and is working on a fix as soon as possible. 

Featured Image Credit: Apex_Tracker