These hero Facets have the highest winrates so far!

Hero Facets is a new mechanic in Dota 2, introduced alongside Patch 7.36. It may seem like an overwhelming concept at first and choosing the right Facet can become a struggle. But fret not, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best heroes x Facets combinations, at least according to the current winrate. Take a look below!

You might want to understand what hero Facets really are before diving into the list. Make sure to give our piece below a read!

#1 Juggernaut - Bladeform [Facet 2]

Juggernaut's Bladeform Facet is so far the most successful choice among all hero-Facet combinations. Bladeform allows Juggernaut to gain extra Agility and movement speed as long as he's not taking any damage.

For every 2 seconds without any damage taken, (reaches max at 10 seconds) Juggernaut will gain 3% base Agility bonus and 1% movement speed bonus. This means if Juggernaut does not take any damage within 10 seconds, he will have a 30% base Agility and 10% movement speed. With that of a difference, Juggernaut's Omnislash can deal about 700 more damage than normal!

#2 Legion Commander - Stonehall Plate [Facet 1]

The next best hero Facet is Legion Commander's Stonehall Plate. This Facet affects the Overwhelming Odds ability. When Legion Commander casts Overwhelming Odds, it will grant the hero an all-damage barrier equivalent to how much damage it dealt to enemy heroes.

In simpler words, the more heroes that Legion Commander damages with Overwhelming Odds, the stronger her shield will be. This effect lasts for eight seconds.

In the scenario below, Legion Commander used Overwhelming Odds and it damaged one hero. This gives Legion Commander a barrier that will block 174 damage.

Legion Commander's shield after she dealt 174 damage.
Legion Commander's shield after she dealt 174 damage.

This next image shows Legion Commander with a stronger shield as her Overwhelming Odds dealt 1,746 total damage to four heroes nearby.

Legion Commander's shield after she dealt 1,746 damage.
Legion Commander's shield after she dealt 1,746 damage.

#3 Axe - One Man Army [Facet 1]

Axe's One Man Army has a high winrate! This first hero Facet allows Axe to get additional Strength based on 60% of his armor. But this effect only works when he's 600 radius away from his allies. If Axe has 29 armor, he will gain an additional 17 Strength.

This hero Facet is already strong, but what makes it more potent is how it can synergize with Axe's Innate Ability. Axe's Innate Ability allows him to permanently gain 1 armor when he gets a kill. If he kills with Culling Blade, he'll get 2 armor instead.

#4 Shadow Shaman - Cluster Cluck [Facet 1]

Shadown Shaman's first hero Facet has driven the Dota 2 community to chaos! What was once an only-offensive hero now has the option to not only save himself but also allies.

The Cluster Cluck Facet allows Shadow Shaman to Hex allies (or himself), making them invulnerable for 0.1 second and then turning them into a chicken with a 10% bonus movement speed. Three uncontrollable chicken illusions will also appear which can confuse enemies.

#5 Wraith King - Spectral Blade [Facet 1]

Wraith King's first hero Facet gives a new ability called Spectral Blade. This ability lets Wraith King curse an enemy by attacking them. After 3 seconds, the cursed enemy will take additional damage equal to 70% of the initial attack damage. Wraith King can only land a curse once every 12 seconds.

This Facet makes Wraith King a massive right-click damage dealer. For example, Wraith King attacks a hero once and deals 471 damage. After 3 seconds, the curse will expire and deals another 400 damage to the enemy. The hero deals almost 1K damage only with a single right-click.

#6 Juggernaut - Bladestorm [Facet 1]

Juggernaut seems to be a hot pick right now as both its hero Facets rock a high winrate. The first Facet, Bladestorm, applies the Blade Dance passive to Juggernaut's Blade Fury. This means as Juggernaut spins using Blade Fury, he has the chance to deal massive critical damage.

Without the Bladestorm Facet, a max level Juggernaut can deal about 900 damage to enemy hero. But with the Bladestorm Facet and with plenty of crit luck, Blade Fury can deal more than 2x that amount!

#7 Crystal Maiden - Frozen Expanse [Facet 1]

Crystal Maiden's first Facet isn't fancy but it is very efficient. Frozen Expanse lets the Arcane Aura passive also improve her cast range and AoE (Area of Effect). With every point taken in Arcane Aura, the two metrics also increase.

At default, Crystal Maiden's AoE for Crystal Nova is 425 but with Arcane Aura passive maxed to level 4, the AoE increases to 467. The AoE bonus is pretty minimal but the cast range can be very satisfying. Coupled with the Aether Lense and neutrals like the Psychic Headband, Crystal Maiden can cast her abilities from far, FAR away.

#8 Meepo - More Meepo [Facet 1]

The more the merrier! This hero Facet makes Meepo even more chaotic as it can result in 5 total Meepos! The More Meepo Facet lets you level up its ultimate, Divided We Stand, at an early level 3. It also can be upgraded up until level 4 which means an additional Meepo! You can upgrade the ability every 7 levels after, which means at level 10, 17, and 24.

This Facet is really good for Meepo to get an early headstart. As Meepo can upgrade its ultimate at an early level 3, the hero can quickly pick up farm and snowball the game. The late game will also see Meepo deal even more damage with its extra clone.

#9 Pudge - Fresh Meat [Facet 1]

Pudge's first hero Facet is a Strength frenzy! The Fresh Meat Facet gives Pudge extra Strength everytime he damages heroes using Dismember. If Pudge channels Dismember for its full 2.7 seconds duration, Pudge will gain 42 temporary Strength that lasts a lengthy 12 seconds.

On top of that, Pudge's Innate Ability also gives Pudge permanent Strength bonuses with every hero kill he makes. This Strength overload make Pudge insanely tanky and painful to deal with.

#10 Axe - Call Out [Facet 2]

Axe will conclude this list of the best hero Facets in Dota 2. The second Facet is called Call Out which buffs Axe's Berserker's Call. When he uses the ability he gets 25 bonus armor as opposed to the usual 20 armor.

But the nice touch to the Call Out Facet is how enemy units caught in the Berserker's Call will have increased attack speed during the duration. This will proc a ton more Counter Helixes and help Axe deal more damage.

That wraps up our list for the best hero Facets in Dota 2! This list is certainly not absolute and the best Facets will likely change as we explore more in this massive update. Keep up with more Patch 7.36 and Dota 2 news on!