Dota 2 adds a layer of complexity with the addition of Facets.

Valve has just unleashed chaos in Dota 2 with the release of Patch 7.36! It added a couple of colossal updates that will beyond doubt change the foundations of the game. One of them is the introduction of hero Facets in Dota 2 which adds an extra layer of depth in strategy and drafting. But what exactly are hero Facets and how do they work?

What are Hero Facets in Dota 2

Hero Facets is a hero customization choice which lets you choose one out of two (or more) effects that will permanently affect your hero throughout each game.

A hero Facet can be a buff to an ability, an entire rework to a spell or even a strong passive. These are unique to each and individual heroes. This means that the Facets choices for Juggernaut, for example, will not be the same as any other hero.

Juggernaut's hero Facets.
Juggernaut's hero Facets.

Let's take a look at one of the hero Facets in Dota 2. Juggernaut has two choices for Facets. The first one is Bladestorm which allows Blade Fury to proc Blade Dance crits when cast. The second Facet, Bladeform, gives Juggernaut bonus Agility and movement speed when he's not taking any damage.

How to choose the right Facets?

Much like the Talent Tree, you'll be able to choose which hero Facet you want depending on what playstyle or strategy you have in mind.

For example, Wraith King's first Facet gives him additional skeletons meanwhile his second Facet replaces the skeleton ability with an attack damage ability. If you want to focus on farming, map control, and objectives - the first Facet sounds like a good option. If you want to play an aggressive right-clicker, the second Facet sounds better!

You can only choose your hero Facet during the Strategy Time of drafting. If you fail to choose either one, Dota 2 will select a random Facet for you. You also cannot change your Facet once selected, so make a wise decision!

More examples of hero Facets in Dota 2

Lion's hero Facets.
Lion's hero Facets.

Let's take a look at a few hero Facets in the game.

  • Viper: Choose between adding an AoE damage burst to Poison Attack OR increasing defensive buffs while Viper remains in Nethertoxin.
  • Wraith King: Choose between summoning skeletons OR dealing additional curse damage when attacking.
  • Leshrac: Choose between his attacks restoring mana OR changing Diabolic Edict to explode faster but deal no damage to buildings.
  • Lone Druid: Choose between an improved Spirit Link, granting lifesteal in both directions OR allowing True Form to be cast on the Spirit Bear.
  • Lion: Choose between being able to deal damage 100% equal to mana stolen OR getting to switch to melee mode with a higher damage every after casting the Finger of Death.

Patch 7.36 also introduced an entirely new mechanic called Innate Abilities. There are more things to unpack on top of these two introductions so stay tuned!

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