Angel investors wanted! Get in on the ground of this divine opportunity.

Are you enjoying the Crownfall content so far? Have you been farming a lot of tokens? Already completed 52/53 of the first Act and don't know what else to do? Don't worry because there's still plenty you can accomplish before Crownfall Act II releases in mid May. And everything lies within the Future Site of Scree'Auk Temple.

Meeting the Scree'Auk worshiper who bears gifts

Help the Divine Developer build a temple (Image via
Help the Divine Developer build a temple (Image via

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior goddess Scree'Auk? With just a small donation, you can help build a place of worship for her. To do so, visit the Future Site of Scree'Auk Temple and speak with the Divine Developer, who is a devout follower or perhaps someone who's just in it for the money. He will ask you to donate your Crownfall tokens in exchange for a surprise goody bag.

You can get to the temple by following the main quest of Crownfall Act I. Once you reach "The Hidden Temple - 3: A Glimmer of Hope," you will be able to access the Future Site of Scree'Auk Temple. The Hidden Temple questline is the last section of Crownfall Act I right after The Kazurai. This is also the second stop from the end point of Act I.

Exchange your Crownfall tokens for Candy Sacks and re-rolls

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The Divine Developer mainly offers Candy Sacks in exchange for your hard-earned tokens. However, like most players, you probably have an excess amount of Crownfall Candy Sacks. After all, you likely won't spend your Candies at the Candyworks Caravan shop for anything other than an Arcana. Therefore, you may think that donating to the Divine Developer is not worth your effort.

But here's why you should. What the Divine Developer has to offer comes in fixed progression. Everyone gets the same rewards that increase in value after every donation. Eventually, you will be able to exchange your tokens for a full set of 10 Candyshop re-rolls. However, bear in mind that the demand for the tokens will increase considerably as well. Here's the breakdown of required tokens and rewards.

List of rewards you can obtain from the Divine Developer in Crownfall Act I

Required Tokens
4 Tokens4 Candy Sacks
8 Tokens6 Candy Sacks
12 Tokens10 Candyshop re-rolls
16 Tokens12 Candy Sacks

The number of tokens needed are fixed, but types are random. Read our guide below if you need help on how to efficiently earn tokens.

There is also a funny little story behind this in which Scree'Auk gets into an argument with the Divine Developer for not believing that she is the goddess. Towards the end, the Divine Developer finally realizes that Scree'Auk is, in fact, genuine.

Divine Developer: "So you're ACTUALLY the goddess Scree'Auk."

Scree'Auk: "Yes!"

Divine Developer: "But you're not looking to get cut in on ANY profits from my temple to you."

Scree'Auk: "You can keep them. I just need the followers."

Divine Developer: "Deal! Could I get you to autograph these prayer scrolls?"

Conversations between Scree'Auk and the Divine Developer

More to come in Crownfall Act II

Apart from getting all of the rewards from the Divine Developer, it is also a good idea to stock up on tokens before Crownfall Act II arrives. The system will likely be the same, so having a full inventory of tokens will help you progress faster.

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