Apex Legends is IN.

The Esports World Cup have announced that Apex Legends is joining the vast roster of games to have events in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this summer.

The event, taking place over several weeks this summer, will feature a huge library of games including other EA titles like EA FC.

There is not yet officially confirmed details on how big the prize pool will be, or how teams and players will qualify for the event.

Apex Legends involvement in Esports World Cup helps bring organisations back

This announcement answers a recent Apex Legends mystery. Several organisations had departed Apex Legends in acrimonious circumstances over the last 18 months. However, there has been a huge influx of returning organisations since the turn of the year.

Spacestation Gaming, NAVI, Cloud 9, Virtus.pro and more have all re-entered Apex Legends competitive. There has been rumours of even more organisations looking for a team, including the likes of Team Liquid.

But, it wasn't exactly clear what had changed. Most of these organisations left because of a lack of revenue sharing. That doesn't seem anywhere close on the horizon, so the about face didn't quite add up.

But, after todays Apex Legends Esports World Cup announcement, fans can finally see why there is a renewed interest in the Battle Royale's esports scene.

Photo EA/Joe Brady // Could TSM lift the Esports World Cup this year?
Photo EA/Joe Brady // Could TSM lift the Esports World Cup this year?

Teams earn points across multiple titles

Similar to The Olympics, there will be an overall leaderboard for organisations at the Esports World Cup. Teams can earn an additional stipend for being successful in multiple games, like a medal table.

With Apex Legends having so many high quality unsigned teams, that makes the Apex Legends scene a relative treasure trove of talents for organisations with teams in other games appearing at the Esports World Cup.

This tournament isn't without its controversies. However, the decision to join the event this summer has breathed an extra lease of life into the Apex Legends scene and helped to fix a key weakness of the last two years.

How can I play in the Apex Legends Esports World Cup event?

At the moment, there are no extra details on how the event will work or who can play. Stay tuned for further updates from EA and the Esports World Cup in due course.

But, if Apex follows the pattern of other esports at the World Cup, there is likely to be an open qualifier aspect.

Stay tuned to esports.gg for full coverage of the ALGS and all things Apex Legends.

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