Apex Legends pros argue over ALGS server crash drama cover image

Apex Legends pros argue over ALGS server crash drama


“I can’t wait till we meet again. Just watch.”

Philip "ImperialHal" Dosen has responded to accusations that TSM benefited from the lagging during the Apex Legends Global Series.
The ALGS has largely been a success in the competitive Apex Legends scene thus far, with the top squads from North America, South America, EMEA, and APAC competing at high levels to secure a spot at the ALGS Playoffs in London. But there have been some audio issues and internet problems that have disrupted gameplay here and there.
At one point during the second split, a connection issue resulted in a lobby lagging out and many players had to restart. This usually wouldn't be a huge problem, but some pro players pointed out some possibly unfair advantages it gave TSM at the time.
Former Cloud9 player Zach Mazer pointed out on Twitter that the server crash and restart brought TSM from 0 points to 10 points.
"That coincidence is so so so hard to believe with how rare that happens," Zach said. "Surely nothing intentionally but so frustrating. All good."

ImperialHal responds to ALGS lagging issues

Even though nobody was accusing TSM of cheating, ImperialHal decided to speak up about the ALGS drama, seeming a bit frustrated with the whole thing.
"Very funny for a team to be talking confident that you were 'killing' us when you just run like a b— to 'fight' for your POI. I can't wait till we meet again. Just watch," Hal threatened.
Another pro player, Tyler "Dezignful" Gardner, also took shots at ImperialHal after seeing the reaction. But Hal was quick to also snap at him.
"It's okay to be sad. You can call me," Dezingnful retorted.
Despite all the drama, TSM is actually not at the top of the leaderboards right now. The second split hasn't been easy for the squad even after a playoff win in Split 1. They are currently in the bottom half of the standings.
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