Opinion is mixed

Professional players were left dismayed by the apparent introduction of an ALGS draft system ahead of the next split of the ALGS.

The change, which was first mooted before the Split 1 Playoffs, will see a huge overhaul to how teams and players land on the map. Teams will now have to pick a landing spot in a draft system. Only one team can land at each location.

The ALGS draft system will end both contesting for a spot, and having the same spot every week. Now, teams will be forced to play from (in theory) every or any spot on the map.

ImperialHal on ALGS draft system: "probably the worst change ever made in Apex history"

ImperialHal, who has recently formed a super team with Genburten and Zer0, was one of the first to speak out against the changes.

He claims that the ALGS draft system is "probably the worst change ever made in Apex history" and adds that the ALGS has not listened to player feedback.

He was not alone in sharing his frustration. Zachmazer, who was part of an E8 team that contested throughout Match Point finals, also is against the system.

Speaking to esports.gg before the event in Los Angeles, he expressed that he strongly opposed the idea.

"I think if they introduce the system how they originally proposed to, I think it would probably kill competitive overnight. You'd see a lot of people retiring and they'd get a lot of hate from the pro community and their communities behind them."

Also adding, "It seems like they are really rushing it. That is never good when you're changing the game dramatically and you're rushing."

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Gnaske claims fans enjoy contesting

Gnaske, the other half of that contest with E8, feels that fans enjoyed their battles across the events finale.

Contesting certainly adds drama and storylines to the game. Fans enjoy seeing teams go head to head, tracking the scores, and watching teams establish dominance over each other.

The Danish IGL believes that a better change would be to make locations on the map more closely balanced, before adding the ALGS draft system.

This was echoed by Made In Heaven analyst Lumdum. He also echoed that some of the drop spots are unbalanced, and that only select locations can still be 'contested' because of multiple drops at the same POI.

The 'Cliffside' location on Storm Point is a location being pointed out on several occasions.

Not all pros are against the changes

However, some players did express excitement at the changes. No matter your view on the new ALGS draft system, there is a clear benefit to teams who have faced constant contesting for their drop spot. Or, do not have an established spot at all.

Verhulst, who has experienced his fair share of contests with TSM, supports the system.

Contesting can be exciting for viewers, and usually results in a team claiming the spot and another leaving. However, TSM have faced significant 'targeting' at their locations in previous seasons. Sometimes, teams simply do not leave and the contest in theory goes on forever.

How does the ALGS draft work?

The ALGS have not yet published full details of the system for fans and viewers. Pro players have been informed about the change, and some details have begun to work their way out to the general public.

In the Pro League, POI's will be determined by a random snake draft The draft is then mirrored. 1st pick will also get 40th pick.

Teams placement will be determined at random. However, all teams will end up with the same total draft score. This teams teams cannot get overall "better" picks than others.

At LAN, the system will reflect regional seeding and teams performance. Before ALGS match point finals, the ALGS draft will be on placement in the bracket stage.

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