The Ukrainian has missed several LAN events.

Seeing Max-Strafe step out onto the ALGS LAN stage has been a long time coming for Apex Legends fans. The Ukrainian has qualified for several of the recent LAN events, but has never been able to play. The ongoing war in Ukraine has made getting a visa almost impossible.

This disruption even cost Max-Strafe his spot with Gnaske and SirDel back on KCP. The team mutually decided that constantly having to onboard stand ins before major events was significantly harming their chances.

Max-Strafe teaming with fellow Ukrainians

Now, Max-Strafe is back competing with two fellow Ukrainians, under a Ukrainian organisation. PassionUA was formed by professional Ukrainian footballer, Oleksandr Zinchenko. This not only embraces a spirit of national pride, but it means the whole team are in the same boat. All three of the team faced the same visa uncertainty ahead of this event.

The organisation took Max-Strafe and his teammates into Poland, where they were able to secure the visas they need to compete in Los Angeles.

Passion UA are one of EMEA's strongest teams

Max-Strafe admitted in an interview with that Passion UA were only focused on the Online Pro League competition. They were confident of qualifying for the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs, but knew that being able to attend was unlikely.

They performed well across the Pro League, picking up a key Pro League win early on in the campaign. Max-Strafe and his fellow Ukrainian compatriots were especially strong on Storm Point, and could make a major impact at the tournament on that map in particular.

However, no matter what result Max-Strafe, Artyco and Sanya get in Los Angeles. The fact they have been able to compete, together, on the global stage is a major achievement. If they can make the Match Point finals, anything could happen. Could this dream story end with an ALGS Split 1 Playoff title? Only time will tell.

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