Apex has a new champion.

Reject Winnity won the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs, ending a long wait for an APAC North team to bring home a LAN title. They have also ended the chokehold that TSM and DarkZero had over LAN titles.

DarkZero made a strong run for another LAN title going toe to toe with the eventual champions until the final game.

This is a huge moment for Apex Legends, the ALGS has badly needed new stories and new champions. All the pre event discussion was all about the strength of North America. However, APAC North has sent a message loud and clear.

Reject Winnity take the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs crown

In the end, their victory was simple. Having cleared out a side of the final circle near Climatizer, they found themselves as the only Match Point team in the final three.

Regardless of if Cloud9 or Serenity knew that they needed to eliminate Reject Winnity to continue the game, they had no real way to do so. Reject Winnity found themselves in control of so much space. Their Wattson Interception Pylon prevented them from being forced out of their position.

Both Cloud9 and Serenity eventually had to engage each other. That left Reject Winnity with the easy task of cleaning up the scraps and securing a LAN title.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

DarkZero fall just shy

Regardless of not taking the title today, it has been a really strong event from DarkZero. They broke the Group Stage points record this event and were in great form across the finals. They will rue a slightly messy endgame in Overlook that could have seen them take yet another LAN title.

Usually where DarkZero lead, TSM aren't that far behind. However the defending Champions barely registered at all on the leaderboard. They chugged to a very poor 17th place, only making it past 7th in a single game. TSM will look to improve ahead of Split 2, after a (by their standards) lacklustre event.

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