Sharky speaks to at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs.

The ALGS Split 1 Playoffs will have two LAN champions competing outside of TSM and DarkZero's rosters. Sharky is making his ALGS return, having last competed at last years ALGS Split 1 Playoffs.

He took an extended break from competition, citing mental health concerns. Now, he's back competing with and hoping to deny TSM and his old teammates yet another victory. spoke to Sharky at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles.

Sharky thinks teams should gang up on TSM and DarkZero

Plenty of things are different about Apex Legends since we last saw Sharky compete. There is a new Legend Upgrade system. Some legends have been reworked, some have been added to the game. However, one thing has stayed consistent. We have still not seen a LAN won by a team other than DarkZero and TSM.

"I think the 18 other teams in the lobby just need to focus them every single game, make sure they die 19th and 20th, and then we'll be looking for a new winner."

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

While Sharky is unlikely to gather widespread support for his teaming plan, he may be able to help deny his former team another title. Will it be strange for Sharky going against his former teammates?

"I don't know. When I was with Emtee and Prycy back then, we were competing against those two. So, it won't be much of a difference. But definitely since the environment's changed and it's now on a world stage it might be different. But I'll just smoke them! It'll be fine."

As a LAN champion, what are Sharky's expectations for this event, does he want to return to the top at his first event back?

"I'm definitely looking for a top 10. That would be a good result for us, I think. If we're having a good day, we could easily be a top five. So it's kind of just down to how it turns out on the day, really."

Sharky and will be gunning for finals as the ALGS Group stage continues through May 3. Stay tuned to for full coverage of the ALGS and all things Apex Legends.