Sweetdreams solo queues to Apex Predator with 0 damage cover image

Sweetdreams solo queues to Apex Predator with 0 damage

Sweetdreams of NRG managed to reach the rank of Apex Predator without dealing any damage. This challenge was designed to send a message to Respawn to change their ranked system.

Sweetdreams, signed Apex professional for NRG, has reached the rank of Apex Predator without doing any damage.

In just 50 games, including his ten placement matches, Sweetdreams was the 156th person to achieve the rank of Predator this split. He embarked on this challenge to highlight what he says is a flaw in the new Apex ranked system.

Respawn are coming under heavy pressure to change or revert the new MMR based system. It has been the recipient of immense criticism since it was released.

Sweetdreams runs, shouts and hides for Predator

Despite the apparent flaws in the ranked system, this achievement is no mean feat. Across a single 18 hour stream session, Sweetdreams has pulled off one of the most impressive feats in Apex history.

NRG Sweetdreams at LAN in London (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
NRG Sweetdreams at LAN in London (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

This does not mean that everyone will be able to pull this off either. Sweetdreams won five of his 50 games. Some of these were down to immense leadership. While he did not do damage, his teammates certainly did. Sweet acted as a coach for these players in game, barking instructions just like we've seen him do in ALGS for years.

However, there was some absolutely bizarre moments too.

Making full use of the new Evac Towers, Sweetdreams danced, dived and soared around the map to try and secure second place. Suddenly, he found himself as the games victor after his final opponent accidentally sacrificed themselves to the zone.

Sweet is also apparently invisible, which was clearly a great help.

How was Sweetdreams able to achieve this?

You might be wondering, but how? Previous ranked systems would simply not allow something like this to happen. But, the new Apex ranked system awards positive 'LP' for any player who places better than tenth in the game. The maximum you can lose is -35 per game.

The new Apex ranked system
The new Apex ranked system

Placing eighth earns you 40 points, and with lobbies dying out rather fast, this is not a hard achievement. Sweetdreams often found himself in third or second, which netted him at least 150 LP per game. Each tier is only 1000 LP, and Sweet was placed in Platinum 3 after his placements were concluded.

While the system does allow you to gain LP every game by ratting, Sweetdreams has a few advantages over casual players. He has immense movement skills, allowing him to escape some very tight spots. He also is a world renowned IGL, and a huge streamer. Once word got around what Sweet was doing, his teammates were often completely onboard with his goals. They listened intently, followed his orders and helped ensure he placed highly. Incredibly, he got a top five finish in 45 of his 50 games. That's a guaranteed 45 100+ LP games.

Sweetdreams ranked stats
Sweetdreams ranked stats

Unlike Sweets enemies, new ranked system comes under fire

Sweetdreams set on this mission to send a message to Respawn. This new ranked system is not fit for purpose. He isn't the only person to think this. Twitter has been awash with criticism since Apex Legends: Arsenal dropped yesterday.

The most common complaint is the entry fee. Every Apex Legends ranked system has had a scaled entry fee as you climbed the ranks. But, the latest MMR based system has a flat -35 cost. That means that no matter what rank, there is no real risk to losing RP and a very easy way to gain it.

Sitting in Trees was a strong tactic for Sweetdreams
Sitting in Trees was a strong tactic for Sweetdreams

Is 'Season 13 Ranked' the answer?

Plenty of players have been asking Respawn to restore the Season 13 ranked system. This was very popular amongst the top players. The system was punishing for players who died early. Kills were capped and only high placements yielded good RP gains.

However, it is clear that Respawn do not want to bring this system back. There has been countless players and pros asking for this system to return for several months. Instead, a new system was devised. Clearly Respawn do not think that is a healthy solution and are looking for a better way. But, it does not seem that Ranked in it's current form is the answer.

Apex's ranked developer Aaron "Exgniar" has been active on Twitter and Reddit since the update dropped. He has been engaging and listening to feedback from players about the new system. However, he did not seem to think that Sweetdreams achievement was much of a comment on the ranked system at all.

There is likely to be much more discourse about the new approach to ranked over the weekend. How the system will shake out once every players MMR is more established is yet to be seen.

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