XSET took an opening day victory in the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in London. They are in prime position to qualify for the winners bracket.

XSET made a dominant start in the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs, comfortably navigating through the first day of group stage action.

At a packed Copperbox Arena, the first two brackets took place with groups A vs B and C vs D. Teams are competing in a round robin format, with the overall standings deciding who advances into the Winners and Losers Bracket.

The Bracket Stage continues tomorrow with two more sets of games, followed by the bracket stage on Wednesday. Catch the latest scores here.

XSET make ferocious impact in London

XSET made one of the strongest starts of any team in Apex LAN history. Renowned as Storm Point specialists, XSET showed their advanced knowledge of the map.

XSET have a track record of performing at LAN, under Team Liquid they were a standout star of the Sweden LAN. While their strong Pro League performance had them among the favourites heading into the playoffs, they were dealt a last second blow. IGL and captain Nocturnal tested positive for COVID before the day's games.

Nocturnal, at LAN in Raleigh (Photo: EA)
Nocturnal, at LAN in Raleigh (Photo: EA)

However, unlike past ALGS LAN events EA has set up COVID isolation booths. This means that Nocturnal is still able to compete this weekend, just not on the main stage with his team.

XSET will be relieved, as he led his team to a very dominant victory today. XSET have some of the best macro-rotations in the game, and have had no problem adapting to the vast aray of unknown teams and unknown playstyles in London. They are only one strong performance away from the winners bracket.

Fresh off their signing, JLINGZ push XSET close

Also performing strongly in group A vs B were the newly signed JLINGZ esports. Owned by Nottingham Forest player Jesse Lingard, JLINGZ esports signed VZN prior to the day's action.

The trio of Naghz, Zaine and Vjex were clearly riding a high from their announcement. After a slightly slow start on Storm Point, the controller trio found their groove on Worlds Edge.

Zaine's incredible solo run

Their gameday was turned around by Zaine. After 3 middling Storm Point games, JLINGZ found themselves with just Zaine left alive. Most solo players tend to hide and stay out of trouble, but Zaine had other ideas.

Zaine decimated Team Passion with ease. 3 magazines, 3 kills.

But, if that wasn't enough, Zaine did it again. 100 Thieves also dared to try and take on the solo Zaine, and paid the price.

JLINGS esports Naghz told the ALGS broadcast that they are trying to keep level headed, and not get overconfident heading into tomorrow. But, if they can replicate their form today they will have no difficulty securing a space in the winners bracket.

FNATIC sneak out victory in C vs D

Over on the B Stage, it was a strong showing for the APAC regions. FNATIC just edged out a victory. They pipped EXO Clan to victory.

There is considerable pressure on FNATIC to represent the APAC North region in this event. APAC has a great record at LAN events, mostly thanks to DarkZero. However, they chose to relocate to North America. This has further driven the focus of Apex esports to the West.

FNATIC are possibly the best hope of both APAC regions to take home the victory. Other teams such as Team Moist, EXO and Pulverex will also feel confident at making a good run at the title.

Like XSET, FNATIC also made a blistering start. They opened their account with a 13 kill win on Storm Point, and then found steady point totals across the remaining games. One of the best mechanical teams in the world, FNATIC excelled at collecting kills despite the more tense LAN environment. Teams played much more cautiously than we have seen in International Scrims. This has led to some edge teams, such as Vexed Gaming, making very slow starts.

The ALGS Split 1 Playoffs resumes tomorrow at 0200 PST.

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