Crownfall Dota 2: All Arcanas, treasures, and rewards cover image

Crownfall Dota 2: All Arcanas, treasures, and rewards

Here is every arcana, items, and rewards you can get from the Dota 2 Crownfall event.

The insanely hyped Crownfall patch is finally here! Valve releases the massive update today in mid-April to bring an entire story event revolved around the Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit lore. Here is every new item you can purchase in the Dota 2 Crownfall event including Arcanas, treasures, and other rewards.

Skywrath Mage Arcana: The Devotions of Dragonus - Crownfall event

The Skywrath Mage Arcana in Crownfall comes in two styles. The first is called "Servants of Scree'Auk" which is the default version. The second style is called "Sovereigns of Skywrath" which you can unlock only after you complete the Main Quest in Act IV.

  • Skywrath Mage Arcana [Style 1]: Servants of Scree'Auk
  • Skywrath Mage Arcana [Style 2]: Sovereigns of Skywrath

Vengeful Spirit arcana: The Resurrection of Shen - Crownfall event

The Arcanas for Vengeful Spirit on the other hand comes in three styles. The default style is called "Sovereigns of Skywrath". The second version which can only be obtained after completing the Main Quest in Act IV is called "Servants of Scree'Auk". The third style, "Queen Imperia" can only be unlocked after completing all Main Quests and Side Quests in all four of Crownfall Acts.

  • Vengeful Spirit Arcana [Style 1]: Sovereigns of Skywrath
  • Vengeful Spirit Arcana [Style 2]: Servants of Scree'Auk
  • Vengeful Spirit Arcana [Style 3]: Queen Imperia

Crownfall Treasure I

There are two Treasures that comes with the Crownfall event! The Crownfall Treasure I brings 13 cosmetic items with two Rare sets, one Very Rare, one Ultra Rare, and one Cosmically Rare item. Here is a list of the cosmetics in the first Crownfall Treasure.

  • Bloodseeker
  • Jakiro
  • Lina
  • Disruptor
  • Nature's Prophet
  • Legion Commander
  • Queen of Pain
  • Shadow Shaman
  • Wraith King [Rare]
  • Silencer [Rare]
  • Meepo [Very Rare]
  • Crystal Maiden [Ultra Rare]
  • Courier [Cosmically Rare]

Crownfall Treasure II

The second treasure of the Crownfall event also brings 13 cosmetics. Here is all the cosmetics you can get from Crownfall Treasure II.

  • Puck
  • Outworld Devourer
  • Tinker
  • Pugna
  • Naga Siren
  • Omniknight
  • Keeper of the Light
  • Ancient Apparition
  • Hoodwink [Rare]
  • Zeus [Rare]
  • Drow Ranger [Very Rare]
  • Ursa [Ultra Rare]
  • Courier [Cosmically Rare]

Crownfall Royal Bundle

The Crownfall event also provides a Royal Bundle to purchase all sorts of rewards all in one go. In the Crownfall Royal Bundle, you can get the Candyworks Caravan Candy Sacks, Candyworks Candy Rerolls, and the exciting MMR Double Down Tokens!

  • x30 Candyworks Caravan Candy Sacks
  • x10 Candyworks Candy Rerolls
  • x20 MMR Double Down Tokens

What do they do? The Caravan Candy Sacks can help you trade for hero sets, couriers, wards, Arcanas, and more rewards. The Candyworks Candy Rerolls gives you more reroll opportunity if you don't like the hero sets and cosmetics offered in the Candyworks Caravan. And MMR Double Down Tokens gives you either double the MMR gain or loss depending on your pub match results. Note that you need to predict using the token first to activate that feature.

Midgate Pathfinder Pack

This is another bonus item that you can get during the Act I of the Crownfall event. The Midgate Pathfinder Pack gives x2 tokens that unlock 2 side quests. By completing two side quests, you immediately get the rewards that come with it such as Crownfall Treasures and Immortal items.

And that's all for the Crownfall event Arcanas and rewards! Make sure to stick around for more Crownfall content and updates.