Check out these interesting reactions from pro players regarding the patch 7.36.

With Valve dropping the incredible Dota 2 patch 7.36, there are two new mechanics coming into Dota which make Dota 2 feel like a new game. All heroes are given the Innate Abilities and Facets. And, no matter who you are, you need to learn it from the start.

Moreover, this patch was released right after DreamLeague Season 23 finished its group stage. Pro players all woke up early and only had a few hours to prepare for the playoffs.

What do Dota 2 pros think of the new patch? Here are some of the best reactions.

Fun reactions to patch 7.36

Thanks Valve, we have a 10/10 Gyrocopter update to have a facet that allows you to have five more seconds when drafting. [Note: The current Liquid player Aydin "Insania" Sarkohi ran out his reserved draft time in The International 2019 and picked Gyrocopter instead of banning it.]

Make sure, DO NOT MISCLICK Gyrocopter.

Maybe one day, all we need to do is to transfer from Dota to League of Legends...

Dota 2 pros sent love to the new patch

We've consistently had incredible patches for Dota 2 in recent years - Talents, neutral items, portals, universal heroes... And here comes Innate Abilities and Facets. All players are enjoying the surprise from Valve!

Not only active pro players, but also retired legends are praising this amazing patch.

Hard to read all the patch notes

We can say that all heroes are remade in this patch because of two new mechanics. The patch notes are just too long to read. How many hours did you spend finishing reading the 7.36 patch notes?

I'm not struggling, you are struggling.

Let's hope next time we only spend 15 hours doing some light testing.

Imagine you are an analyst for the ongoing tournament and still can't finish it.

Get the best tips for broken meta

Skiter is trying to pick the most broken heroes to defend for their back-to-back champion titles.

Sometimes, you only need a nice innate ability so that you can win when you play four vs. five.

Not only good, but some criticizations

The patch is overwhelming, but imagine you still can't play your favorite heroes after you reached 8,000 MMR.

Sometimes, you wonder if this game can exist longer with such huge information coming even for veterans.

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