9 Pandas ended up still winning the series.

Berlin Major has its glorious and disappointing moments, but somewhere in the middle are hilarious gems. One of them was during the Upper Bracket series between 9 Pandas (former HellRaisers) and Tundra Esports. At one point in the third game, 9 Pandas wanted to grab an easy Aghanim's Shard by killing the Tormentor. But unbeknownst to Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev and the team - a major grief was about to happen.

Vladimir "RodjER" Nikogosian on Enchantress tossed several murderous Impetus to kill off the Tormentor. Ramzes, who was idling next to the Tormentor, was taking the reflected damage. He realized it a little too late and was QUICKLY deleted. Both of them laughed at the bizarre incident.

Admit it, the new patch is still confusing at times. So let's break down what Tormentor is and how Ramzes666 died.

How do Tormentors work?

Tormentors are new creatures that Valve introduced in Patch 7.33, alongside the many other additional buildings. The Tormentor is a "Neutral Creep" but it's stationary and only reflects damage. Killing the Tormentor gives an Aghanim's Shard to one of the players on the team.

But to kill it is not just a day's work. The amount of damage reflected is 70% of the damage taken, and it distributes evenly to everyone in a 1200 radius. The Tormentor is not to be played with and this instance with Ramzes proves why. It seems like Ramzes wasn't aware that he stood in the Area of Effect and took the enormous reflected damage alone.

Despite the accidental grief during a crucial time, 9 Pandas ended up still winning the game.

9 Pandas march to the top 4 of the Berlin Major

The series between 9 Pandas and Tundra Esports was very entertaining. From Saksa's insane Bounty Hunter performance to Kiyotaka's game-changing Tinker, there was plenty of back and forth. Though ultimately, 9 Pandas was able to outplay the TI11 champions.

With this victory, 9 Pandas secures a top 4 placement. Their next obstacle will be the biggest yet, with an undefeated Gaimin Gladiators waiting at the Upper Bracket Final. And it will be one spicy showdown as GG's midlaner, Quinn, and Ramzes have quite the beef.

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