The homeless are about to be housed, according to developers.

If you have played Manor Lords at all since launch, you have likely come across a frustrating couple of bugs including one that keeps up to five of your families homeless, no matter what you do to intervene. Luckily, developers have released a new update to the early access game's first set of major patch notes, which will address this homelessness issue and a pesky bug with the sawpit.

Twilight hour in Manor Lords (Image via Jesitim)
Twilight hour in Manor Lords (Image via Jesitim)

Why are my families stuck as homeless in Manor Lords?

Families in Manor Lords are stuck being homeless thanks to a bug that, according to developers, will be fixed in the game's first major patch. But, until it is fixed, there is a workaround to stop those five or so families from staying homeless for the entire game.

The issue comes into play very early in the game, and its solution is also found very early. If players build housing for all five of the starter families before upgrading the homeless camp into the worker camp, the bug will not affect gameplay. That means no more annoying notification at the top of your screen that you have to look at all game long. Just make sure those families get moved into the houses, too!

Sawpit bug fix coming in first Manor Lords patch notes

In addition to the Manor Lords homeless bug, another bug fix that will be coming through in the game's first patch will address the sawpit's efficiency and storage UI glitch. Right now, any time there is timber in the sawpit, it will warn players that the storage is at capacity. Also, occasionally, workers at the sawpit will sit idle until you manually assign an ox to the building. Currently, these are the only workarounds that we have found to address this issue.

How to fix Manor Lords crashing issue

One other issue that will be addressed soon, according to developers, has to do with the game crashing. Old drivers are the cause of these crashes, and players can fix the issue by updating drivers on their PCs.

When is the first Manor Lords patch coming out?

The developers have not released the exact release date of the game's first patch, but claimed that fixes are coming "soon" on a post. The patch will target bug fixes and tune trade and archers, likely among many other things.

We will continue to provide updates as we know more, so stay tuned to for all of the latest on Manor Lords.