Your collection won’t entirely go to waste.

SMITE is famous for its massive library of skins ranging from fearsome to facetious, but will SMITE 2’s new engine and gameplay throw them all away? A decade of continued development and unexpected crossovers has led to a massive pool of cosmetics, and some fans spent upwards of thousands decking out their gods. The announcement of the sequel may be worrying to those players. However, Titan Forge Games is doing its best to compensate big spenders.

Here’s how skins work in SMITE 2 and what will happen to your skins once the sequel goes live.

SMITE 2 players will be compensated for purchased skins

SMITE 2 players will either get to transfer their skins over from SMITE 1 or get effective refunds on skins when the game goes live.

Certain skins, such as those in the current Divine Legacy event, will transfer over from SMITE 1 to SMITE 2. These cosmetics will be one-for-one conversions with updates for Unreal Engine 5. Developer Titan Forge Games has not specified all the skins that will be transferable, but an official press release states that all new skins added in 2024 will work in the new game.

SMITE 2 skins have yet to be revealed (Image via Titan Forge Games)
SMITE 2 skins have yet to be revealed (Image via Titan Forge Games)

As for everything else, the vast majority of SMITE 1 skins will not be available in the new game. For those skins, players will be awarded an amount of in-game currency equal to the total spent on non-transferrable skins in the first game. These Legacy Gems will work in the new in-game store. It’s not clear if it will be a one-to-one conversion.

The press statement also clarifies that SMITE 1 servers will remain up after the release of the new game, so it is still possible to use your skins in the old client. The company plans to keep servers up indefinitely. However, the game will probably not get any major gameplay updates after the sequel launches.

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