The hyped up Halo Infinite March update is finally here, overhauling the game’s network model and balancing a load of weapons.

The Halo Infinite March update that everyone has been waiting for is finally here. On the backs of a successful first HCS Major in Arlington, 343 Studios is delivering a plethora of changes to the iconic FPS series' latest edition.

Content update 31 implements new features, a network model overhaul, and so much more. You can read the patch notes in its entirety to see the enormous list of bug fixes, but we'll have the major highlights here for you.

Halo Infinite March 2024 update highlights

Here are the big points from the patch notes for the Halo Infinite March update:

Overhauled Network Model

This is the big one, the main focus of the update. It was introduced in December 2023, but only in the Firefight matchmaking playlists. Now, every inch of Halo Infinite multiplayer is on the new network model.

343 Studios states that players should experience less rubberbanding, taking damae around corners, and other desynchronization issues. They'll be monitoring this heavily to ensure global stability.

Easy Anti-Cheat for Halo Infinite on PC

A brief Easy Anti-Cheat splash appears when you start the game (343 Industries)
A brief Easy Anti-Cheat splash appears when you start the game (343 Industries)

Halo Infinite on PC now has Easy Anti-Cheat. It is not active in the game's campaign or Forge's Edit Mode. In multiplayer, if a player is found to be accessing or altering game files, or just blatantly cheating in any way, they'll be removed from the match.

It isn't foolproof, however, and 343's March update for Halo Infinite still recommends that players report those they feel may be cheating. This can be done from the in-game scoreboard, by just selecting the player and issuing the report.

2024 HCS weapon bundles

A look at the weapon bundles (Image via 343 Studios)
A look at the weapon bundles (Image via 343 Studios)

Coming to Halo Infinite with its March update are the 2024 HCS weapon bundles. In-game cosmetics are now available for purchase for the following teams:

  • Cloud9
  • Complexity
  • FaZe Clan
  • OpTic Gaming
  • Quadrant
  • Sentinels
  • Spacestation Gaming

You'll receive a Corpeswrap Weapon Model for the BR75, a Multi-Use Weapon Coating, a Backdrop, an Emblem, and a Nameplate. The first bundle you buy is 1500 cR, with every other just 1000 cR. This is because the Corpeswrap is not themed and is only purchasable once.

Weapon balances in the Halo Infinite March update

The last piece of the Halo Infinite March update we'll highlight are the slew of weapon balances. Several weapons have been tweaked with the patch:

  • Gravity Hammer: Resolved a bug with its damage and knockback values, but new values are higher than pre-Season 5 updates.
  • Bandit Evo/M392 Bandit: Reload speed increased for both weapons.
  • VK78 Commando Rifle: Bloom now resets slightly faster.
  • Heatwave: Aim assist has been decreased.
  • Stalker Rifle: Takes longer to vent once overheated, and requires less shots to overheat.
  • Plasma Pistol: Rate of fire has decreased, overheats faster, and requires less time to fully charge.

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