It seems that the third Hearthstone expansion for this year is coming early, but could it be as early as next week? Check out the clues we’ve discovered.

The 27.2 Hearthstone patch came earlier than expected, and that accelerated the cycle to the point that we are already expecting the next expansion announcement. While there is no official word yet, many clues point out that Hearthstone should be announcing its next expansion in the following 10 days!

Join me while I explain what will happen with the next Hearthstone expansion, and what else is coming up.

Hearthstone expansion announcement next week?

As crazy as it may sound, the 27.6 patch announcing the next Hearthstone expansion could be around the corner. While it's earlier than what we are used to, the Hearthstone Dev team deliberately pushed the 27.2 patch earlier this year, which means that the whole schedule is ahead of time.

The 27.4 Hearthstone patch went live on September 19, so the expansion announcement preceding the 27.6 patch could happen next week. This responds to the established expansion and patch pace that Hearthstone has followed since Iksar's time.

What to expect with the announcement?

Hearthstone expansion announcements reveal the expansion's theme, new Keywords and mechanics. On top of that, Hearthstone usually gives one free legendary from the new set that players can use right away.

image 1image 2Sunken City free LegendaryMarch of the Lich King free LegendaryCastle Natrhia free Legendary

Moreover, the X.6 patches usually bring some kind of Battlegrounds meta shake-up. The 25.6 patch, for example, was the one that announced the temporary return of Buddies and this past 26.6 patch brought back Quests to the game.

Clues about the Hearthstone Expansion Announcement

To add some additional information to back up the claim that the Hearthstone expansion announcement is coming up this week we have a series of clues.

First of all, on the 28 and 29 of October, we have the Fall Masters Tour Championship, and these esports events are usually preceded by content announcements. As marketing tools, Masters Tours are there to promote the game and its new content, that's why they are the perfect scenario for introducing new cards.

Hearthstone introduced many free expansion Legendaries days before their tournaments. Some even sparked huge controversies like Renathal due to its incredible impact on the game.

Then, we have the speculations around the classic Halloween event Zeddy pointed out in his video. The Hallow's End event was not included in the 27.4 patch and this makes us think that it should come with the 27.6 patch alongside the expansion announcement.

The Blizzcon Collection Legendary pack that went on sale this week also created room for speculation. It brings a Mystery Signature Legendary Card and it would be safe to assume that it would be from the next expansion. What's more, the terms and conditions mention that it will be available on November 14, which could likely be the expansion release date.

"Hearthstone®: Mystery Signature Legendary Card will be revealed by November 5th 2023, and will be available in game by November 14th 2023."

Celestalon, created some extra mystery, focusing the attention on what else could Hearthstone reveal during Blizzcon with the expansion announcement already out.

What is your guess? That's all for now, but stay tuned to find out and check out more Hearthstone content. Be sure to visit for all the latest esports news.

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