Find out where your favorite champion sits on our wonderful tier list.

League of Legends' Arena mode has been out just under two weeks and players are already starting to search for the best Arena tier list. With over 163 champions currently available in League of Legends, it can be hard for players to know which are the best for the new 2v2v2v2 mode. is here to ease players' minds with the ultimate Arena tier list, find out where your favorite champion ranks below.

Below is our League of Legends Arena tier list. This will feature all 163 League of Legends champions, ranking them based on how strong they currently are in the Arena meta. We also go into the reasoning behind each tier, and how viable they are to play in Arena.

S tier Arena champions

This is the crème de la crème when it comes to champions in Arena. If you want the best chance of wininng, whether that is with a friend or with a random player, these are the champions to do it on. Fiora stands out amongst the group as arguably the strongest champion. While her early couple of rounds may not be strong, she scales incredibly hard and is almost impossible to deal with in the late game.

Kennen is another champion that is climbing the ranks in Arena. His ultimate ability stuns champions in place, allowing for his duo to clean up. A cool combo that is starting to rise in popularity is Kennen with Annie. When their ultimates are combined, players do not stand a chance.

A tier Arena champions

A tier champions are very strong in the meta but are not exactly considered "broken enough to push into the highest tier on this tier list.Champions in this tier are likely to be part of the group that can be banned.

All are strong in their own ways and you should have no problem climbing the ranks with any of these champions. Some of the champions on this list, like Ivern for example, are often paired with S tier champions. For the best duos to consider, check out our article here.

B tier Arena champions

B tier champions are also viable in the meta but are more likely to remain unbanned. Champions such as Dr. Mundo is a solid pickup for any duo but is rather reliant on getting the correct augments to be deemed a solid choice over another tank in the tiers above. Depending on the game you may have some luck winning against the lobby, but you are best picking their counter-picks.

C tier Arena champions

This is where we start to get into the "very difficult to win with" section of the tier list. These champions are not bad per se, but there is a few options you could go with before needing to select one of these champions. Leona for example, is a simple to use support, with good crowd control, but there is never a world where she is more viable than Alistar or Taric.

D tier Arena champions

D tier champions are in a weird area but they are not unplayable, but similarly to the tiers above why would you ever pick them? At the start, champions like Gragas and Tahm Kench were used quite frequently due to their crowd control. Neeko is definitely a champion that has potential to rise up in the ranks with a few changes.

F tier Arena champions

These are the champions you should not bother playing if you care about either A. having fun or B. looking to win. For players who want one or the bother, don't pick these champions. There isn't enough S tier augments in the world that can make these champions viable in the Arena meta right now. Fundamentally these champions do not work with the mechanics of Arena and even the best "one-tricks" in the world would struggle with these options.

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