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How do reloads work in Rainbow Six Siege

Doubling down on the tactical aspect of Rainbow Six Siege, new reload mechanics might lead to more teamplay and slightly slower games.

When you reload in an FPS game, it is usually a period of vulnerability. You basically don’t have ammunition in your weapon and the opponent can potentially push and take you on in combat. But it has not worked the same way in Rainbow Six Siege. With Operation Commanding Force, Ubisoft will introduce a key change to the way reloading works in Rainbow Six Siege. Here’s what we know.

In games like CS:GO and even VALORANT, it is not uncommon to see players shoot half of their magazine and even pretend to reload. This gives their opponents a false sense of security, which often might translate to them pushing the reloading player. However, with still half a magazine available, the reloading player can cancel animation and shoot the opponent. Now there is another scenario where a player is genuinely reloading an empty magazine. In this case, reload canceling will not work as you will still have an empty magazine. 

However, in Rainbow Six Siege, up until Operation Commanding Force, you could cancel reload animation to get a full magazine of ammunition. 

Once the magazine has cleared the weapon, it will not magically pop back in the weapon when you cancel the animation.

Joshua Mills, Associate Game Director, Rainbow Six Siege.

Why did Ubisoft change the reload mechanic in Siege?

(Image Credit: Ubisoft)
(Image Credit: Ubisoft)

The main goal of changing how reload works in Siege is to bring it in line with the objectives of Siege. 

  • Enhance teamwork: reload when your teammate is providing cover.
  • Utilize loadout: Use the secondary wepaon if needed
  • Realign expectations with game reality

This is one of the things that directly impact the core mechanics of the game. But we know this is the direction we want Siege to go in to make Siege more tactical, more purposeful and more strategic than ever before.

Joshua Mills, Associate Game Director, Rainbow Six Siege.

The new reload mechanic will match reality and allow players to accurately assess their timing when to push into an opponent. A reloading opponent is vulnerable and even if he has an ally protecting him, it should still be just one opponent for you. The new mechanic means you cannot take advantage of reload canceling to gain what seems to be an unfair advantage. 

The reload mechanic can lead to some changes to how the game is played. For starters, teams might prefer to play a bit slow in order to provide cover for their teammates. Players might also prefer to take more secure shelters before reloading, slowing down the pace of the game. Regardless, the new reload mechanics will drastically impact how the game is played in pubs and pro matches.