The upcoming VALORANT Holomoku skin bundle finally gives players a proper Outlaw skin, taking design inspiration from the sea.

On the heels of the Mystbloom skin bundle that gave VALORANT players temporary wall hacks, players have been curious about what is coming next to the tactical shooter's store. Well, thanks to a leak, it looks like we have details about the new Holomoku skin bundle coming to VALORANT, which will finally give the Outlaw a noteworthy skin.

Fans of the Outlaw can finally celebrate a proper skin for the new sniper (Image via Riot Games)
Fans of the Outlaw can finally celebrate a proper skin for the new sniper (Image via Riot Games)

VALORANT Holomoko bundle leaked

According to a post to X from ValorLeaks, the next skin bundle in VALORANT's shop is called Holomoku and features a Sword, Frenzy, Phantom, Bulldog, and Outlaw skin.

The upcoming set looks to take inspiration from the sea, and specifically islander culture, with details including green and blue auras and jagged edges. The Sword even appears to have shark teeth tied into it. A first look at the upcoming bundle can be seen below.

According to the same source, there will also be a player card included in the Holomoku bundle that follows the same nautical design theme, featuring a starlit seafarer with a beautiful backdrop.

VALORANT Holomoku bundle price and release date

As of the time of this article's release, the Holomoku skin bundle's price and release date have not been confirmed. However, the Mystbloom bundle is set to rotate out of the store in the coming days, so be on the lookout for the new nautical bundle to hit your store very soon. Hopefully, this new set doesn't have the same sets of bugs on release.

This new skin bundle comes alongside a small Brimstone buff and bug fixes in the patch 8.09 notes, as the Controller has seen less and less professional play in recent weeks. Perhaps with a larger and more functional smoke, we will see the return of Brimstone to the game's meta.

We will continue to provide more updates as information about the VALORANT Holomoku bundle comes to light. Between that and our VCT coverage, there's plenty to stay tuned for here at!