VALORANT Patch 8.04: Minor bug fixes and updates to Premier cover image

VALORANT Patch 8.04: Minor bug fixes and updates to Premier

Whether you’re a KAY/O main that’s noticed some bugs or an aspiring pro ready for Premier, VALORANT Patch 8.04 has news for you.

VALORANT Patch 8.04 is here to begin Episode 8 Act 2. There's not a ton to unload with this update, but it is still an important one nevertheless.

We don't see a new map or new Agent this time around. We'll have to wait for the reveal of Agent 25 at Masters Madrid, then their arrival in the game shortly after.

Until then, let's go over some changes to VALORANT Premier and the bug fixes implemented in patch 8.04.

Everything in the VALORANT 8.04 Patch notes

A simple addition to the game is an update to the Range:

  • Added character portraits and minimap icons for Training Bots in the Range.

Premier Updates

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
  • No more enrollment, as you can make a team and start playing at any time in the Stage.
  • Provisional divisions are shown immediately upon team creation and update whenever the roster or Zone changes. These are locked after you play your first match of the Stage.
  • Teams can change their Zone anytime before they play their first match of the Stage.
  • Weekly matches now have rematch protection, so you won’t face the same team twice in a Stage, unless queue length is an issue.
  • Teams can only play 2 matches per week, so no jumping between teams as a free agent within the same week.
  • Standings show Playoff results once Playoffs start and are locked 48 hours after Playoffs end.

Check out our rolling Premier schedule to see when the first match of Episode 8 Act 2 takes place.

Esports Features

Bug fixes in VALORANT Patch 8.04

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)
  • Agent
    • Fixed KAY/O’s ZERO/point (E) sometimes reporting inaccurate information.
    • Fixed a bug where if Sage uses Resurrection (X) to revive you, you are nudged slightly at the end of the animation.
    • Fixed a bug where bullets could pass through the corners of Sage's Barrier Orb (C).
  • Esports Features
    • Fixed a bug where the Esports Hub Schedule was not automatically taking you to the current day.
    • Fixed a visual bug in the Play In Groups Bracket that showed duplicate information.
  • Gameplay Systems
    • Fixed a bug with abilities extending past the minimap widget such as Killjoy’s Lockdown (X).
  • Premier
    • Fixed a bug where the start button wouldn’t update immediately if you’re in the lobby when an event starts.

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