This singer needs a lot of warming up before the high notes.

Robin is coming to Honkai: Star Rail in update 2.1, which leaves future Robin mains only a few weeks to farm up Ascension materials. Getting a new character is fun until you realize they have to grow from Level 1 to 80 before they can take their rightful place in your main team. If you plan to bring Penacony’s most famous singer into battle, you’ll need to get her up to speed. 

Robin likely comes out in May as part of update 2.2, and Hoyoverse has not officially revealed her Ascension materials. However, thanks to insiders, we already know what players should stock up on before she arrives.

Materials to farm

Here are all four Ascension materials for Robin in Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Dream Collection Component
  • Dream Flow Valve
  • Dream Making Engine
  • IPC Work Permit

The first three materials are available from defeating Dreamjolt Troupe elites. The easiest way to farm them is from Simulated Universe, where they are fairly common elite enemies. It’s also possible to get a few from the in-game store by trading Undying Embers.

Robin and her brother Sunday were first revealed in update 1.6 (Image via Hoyoverse)
Robin and her brother Sunday were first revealed in update 1.6 (Image via Hoyoverse)

The IPC Work Permits are less straightforward. The item is exclusively available through the Stagnant Shadow in Clock Studios Theme Park. After winning the fight and spending Trailblaze Power, players will get a few IPC Work Permits. These will probably wind up being the limiting factor for Robin’s Ascension materials, so don’t feel bad if it takes a week or two to save up.

Robin Ascension and trace materials

  1. 308,000 Credits
  2. 15 x Dream Collection Component
  3. 15 x Dream Flow Valve
  4. 15 x Dream Making Engine
  5. 65 x IPC Work Permit

In addition to the Ascension requirements, you will also need the following materials to upgrade all of Robin’s Traces to max level.

  1. 3 million Credits
  2. 18 x Firmament Note 
  3. 69 x Celestial Section 
  4. 139 x Heavenly Melody
  5. 41 x Dream Collection Component
  6. 56 x Dream Flow Valve
  7. 58 x Dream Making Engine
  8. 12 x Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster
  9. 8 x Tracks of Destiny

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