The Translocating Thief: A Guide to Apex’s Loba — abilities, tactics and skins cover image

The Translocating Thief: A Guide to Apex’s Loba — abilities, tactics and skins

Introducing Loba, Apex’s high-society thief who can see rare items through walls, teleport and create a shop in the middle of a warzone.

Loba arrived in Season 5, bringing attitude, high fashion, and an eye for loot. Apex Legends players are in love with Loba’s voice lines but the support legend is also pretty useful in certain situations, making her a great addition to any team if used properly. 

Apex's Loba is a loot-focused legend, allowing her team better access to nearby weapons and armor without having to waste time digging around for it. She can also do some pretty sneaky things thanks to her teleportation ability, allowing you to escape sticky situations or catch enemies by surprise. 

Apex's Loba is worth having in your arsenal

This stylish thief currently sits comfortably in B-tier. She is currently not a heavily used legend, with about 6% of players choosing to play her at the moment. This puts her sort of in the middle of the pack. But it’s possible that many players are underutilizing this legend. So here is how to master Loba to make better use of her utility. 

Loba Playstyle

The key to mastering Loba is communication and teamwork. Loba is actually considered a support legend, gathering important intel for her squad and helping everyone grab loot early on. For this reason, it’s very important to be very vocal about your findings and what you see, especially early in the game. 

Apex's Loba can spot the best places to land thanks to her abilities and also sees nearby loot through walls (as well as the enemies who may have dropped it) once you land. This can help your team get a great headstart with the right coordination and communication. 

Loba players are often not focused on aggression. Her teleport ability is often used to disengage from tough situations and stay out of reach. She can also use it to get high ground, keeping a distance from enemies as she picks them off with a powerful ranged weapon. 

Players looking to master Loba should be highly aware of their surroundings, have a deep understanding of the map, and should have constant communication with teammates. Just like any thief, Loba thrives better when she is out of sight or being sneaky. Using her abilities to rush into a fight could spell danger in most situations. 

Loba Abilities

Eye for Quality (Passive)

This ability allows Loba to naturally spot epic and legendary loot through walls up to 112.5 meters. 

Eye for Quality is great in early game, allowing your team to gather more impactful weapons and armor up faster. As you drop into the map, you’ll start getting good visuals of epic and legendary loot inside buildings, meaning you can pick a great spot to land thanks to this insight.

If you see something valuable but don't need it yourself. You can ping it for your team-mates
If you see something valuable but don't need it yourself. You can ping it for your team-mates

Since Loba’s passive has a pretty long range, she can also spot enemies that are nearby if they pick up or drop good loot. This is very valuable insight for your team so make sure to tell your teammates when you spot loot changing nearby. They will however, need you to ping the items!

Try to memorize the shape of different loot! This will help you spot and call out nearby loot a lot faster. 

Burglar’s Best Friend (Tactical)

This ability allows Loba to throw a Jump Drive bracelet, quickly escaping to a surprising location or teleport to hard-to-reach locations on the map. The Jump Drive can be thrown 71 meters horizontally and 20 meters vertically. It can be thrown even further if you’re already elevated. 

Burglar’s Best Friend is a useful mobile ability. Apex Legends is a game where rotating quickly is a huge plus for any time. Unfortunately, Burglar’s Best Friend only allows Loba to access the Jump Drive, so never forget where your teammates are. 

Remember after you teleport to your location you will be vulnerable for a couple of seconds as you take out your weapon
Remember after you teleport to your location you will be vulnerable for a couple of seconds as you take out your weapon

Speaking of teammates, you can have more impactful mobility as a team if you bring an Octane along as well, or even a Pathfinder.

You’ll often see top Apex Legends streamers using Octane’s Launch Pad to reach even further distances even faster, since Loba can throw her Jump Drive further when in the air. A Jump Drive can also be thrown while on Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook. 

The goal when choosing where to throw your Jump Drive should be finding cover or taking the high ground. This is a way to reach buildings through windows or breezily make your way to a rooftop. Start sprinting before throwing your Jump Drive to have better accuracy and speed.

You can also throw Jump Drive out of and through windows!

If you see orange in the path of your Jump Drive it means it will pass over raised terrain (Helpful visual cue)
If you see orange in the path of your Jump Drive it means it will pass over raised terrain (Helpful visual cue)

Keep in mind that you will be vulnerable for two seconds after throwing your Jump Drive, so try tossing it once you’re out of sight of enemies. You might want to take cover while waiting to teleport. 

"Advanced tip: After throwing your Jump Drive, use the two seconds to jump off of the map. This can save you from surrounding enemies if timed correctly. You’ll then be teleported to where you threw the Jump Drive." 

Black Market Boutique (Ultimate) 

This is what Loba is known for — looting. Prepare to line your pockets with Black Market Boutique, allowing everyone on your team (as well as enemies) to grab up to two items that are within 112.5 meters. Loba will place a portable device that accesses nearby weapons, armor, and other useful items. 

You’ll be able to access: 

  • Floor loot
  • Loot inside supply bins
  • Loot inside supply drops
  • Deathboxes
  • Even locked areas like vaults

Loba’s ultimate charge starts at 50% at the start of each match, meaning you’ll be able to access the Black Market Boutique pretty quickly. You can grab any two items and as much ammo as you want, giving you an advantage early on. 

When choosing the two items, don’t forget to communicate with your teammates. Ask them what they need and help coordinate between everyone to ensure everyone gets what they need.

  • Enemies can also access your Black Market Boutique too. You may want to close the Black Market Boutique so enemies can’t use it.
  • The device will automatically collapse when you use your ultimate again elsewhere.
  • Some players keep up their Black Market Boutique to create a distraction. Wait until they are digging through the device and then get some easy eliminations. 
  • You could use the Black Market Boutique to shield swap during fights, assuming you have either of your two uses left

Support Class abilities

Loba is part of the Support Class, which grants her a couple of extra abilities that she shares with Gibraltar, Newcastle, Lifeline and Mirage.

The Support Class has two passives:

  • Craft expired banners of dead teammates
  • Open an extra compartment in the Support bins (blue coloured)

Loba is a particularly strong legend in the Support Class. Her 'Burglars Friend' ability allows her a quick getaway if a fight goes south. Plus, if you do bring back your dead teammates, her Black Market allows you to quickly loot and get away from the location of your revival. After all, we know how much people enjoy chasing down respawns!

Loba strengths and weaknesses


  • Great for always having your preferred weapon, optic and any crucial attachments
  • A constant supply of ammunition and grenades means you will always have firepower
  • Anyone on your team can craft expired banners thanks to Support Class perks


  • The Black Market is very loud, and can draw enemies to your location
  • Burglars Friend tactical

Best Loba Loadout in Apex Legends

If you’re a Loba player looking to rush into the action, you probably want to grab a Mastiff Shotgun or EVA-8 Auto. Your secondary weapon can be a Volt SMG. Having a powerful shotgun allows Loba to wreak some havoc in the early game before rushing to safety with Burglar’s Best Friend. 

The Havoc is another popular choice for Loba. Use Loba’s Eye for Quality to find the Turbocharger Hop-Up faster, equipping it to remove the weapon’s wind-up.

A Loba equipped with a sniper is also a powerful option. After using Burglar’s Best Friend to get high ground, you can hit unsuspecting enemies from surprising angles if they aren’t paying attention. 

Best Teammates for Apex's Loba

When you have a Loba on your team, here are some other legends to bring into the gauntlet with you for better strategy: 

Strengths with Loba
Fuse excels when he has a lot of grenades in his inventory. Loba's Black Market will make sure Fuse always has a healthy supply.
Horizon is another legend that excels with grenades to combine
A great shotgun, and a great shotgun bolt can help Gibraltar really shine in his Dome of Protection. What is the best way to guarantee this loot? Loba!

Best Apex Loba Skins

There is no denying that Loba is a fashionista. She is always dressed to impress, looking as sultry as she is dangerous. Distract your enemies with these skins. 

Off the Record (Legendary) 

This is a really unique look for Loba, with blood-red hair and horrifying eye makeup. Her sleek black outfit has Loba looking like a mafia boss from an apocalyptic fantasy world. This is definitely a very intimidating look that will have your enemies scared to engage. 

Bootlegger (Legendary)

Noir fans will immediately be drawn to this fashionable look, complete with white hair, red stripes, knee-high boots, and a cute little hat. A blend of wild west and 1920s realness, Apex's Loba looks like she just opened up her own speakeasy and is ready to take down any competition.

Haute Hoplite (Legendary)

If a sea goddess warrior and gladiator had a baby, this would be its outfit. The contrast of green and gold has created a strong look that immediately grabs everyone's’ attention. The helmet and shoulder pads make Loba look ready for war. This legendary skin was part of the Season 8 Chaos Theory Collection Event.