Apex Legends April Fools 2024 explained cover image

Apex Legends April Fools 2024 explained

April Fools comes to Apex Legends.

The Apex Legends April Fools 2024 takeover has started. This one day in Apex where everything isn't quite as it seems.

There is the return of last years Mozambique variants, an awesome new event badge and even the ability to fly around the map... Plus, the 'Chad Nessie' badge will be unlocked automatically when you sign in.

So, what does April fools 2024 in Apex Legends have in store?

Apex Legends April fools 2024 lets you FLY with Rampart?

One thing we've never seen before in Apex Legends is Rampart, in the air. But, April fools 2024 in Apex Legends lets Rampart take to the skies with Sheila. At least... we assume this is for April 1st only...

Rampart now has a far better movement ability than the likes of Revenant or even Valkyrie, EVAC Towers and Gravity Cannons! Simply shoot the ground with Sheila and you can soar across the map.

This also works with the basic Mozambique. Shoot the ground with the standard version of the shotgun and you'll get the same effect. That allows you to take to the skies on any legend.

Apex Legends April fools Mozambiques

Making a return for April fools 2024 is the range of unique Mozambiques. There are five different Mozambiques to find in Apex Legends today:

  • Mozambrrr
  • Mozamburst
  • Mozambeam
  • Mozamblam
  • Ol' Nessie

Each of these Mozambiques has different abilities. The Mozamblam is a pocket Kraber, firing one Kraber shot that can easily take down an enemy player.

The Mozambeam is a bit like a Charge Rifle, firing three powerful charged beams at once. The Mozambrrr resembles an R99, but has inverted recoil. Then, the Mozamburst acts like the Hemlock does.

The most unique weapon in the Apex Legends April fools 2024 lineup is the Ol' Nessie.

This Mozambique variant will spawn in a Nessie with every shot. These Nessies will fight alongside you, slaying your enemies and protecting you from all evils as you explore Apex Legends lobbies today.

Mixtape April Fools loadouts

These Mozambiques are also in Mixtape. For a limited time, Mixtape will be a Mozam-battlefield, with every loadout featuring the four Mozambique variants.

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