Apex Legends Progress Lost Bug: What we know so far (UPDATED) cover image

Apex Legends Progress Lost Bug: What we know so far (UPDATED)

What is going on?

Apex Legends players are reporting Lost Progress after todays update. The update, meant to reset your rank back 2.5 levels for the new split seems to have come with some unintended consequences. The update also updated the store rotation.

Players are reporting a range of bugs. Currently, impacted players still do not have their accounts fixed.

UPDATE: Respawn have now fixed the issue. Impacted players should see their missing Heirlooms, Badges and Battle Pass Progress restored.

Apex Legends Progress Lost bug

Here are all the known in game aspects impacted by the Apex Legends Progress Lost bug.

  • Stats deleted or changed
  • Battle pass progression resetting
  • Cross-progression going away
  • Randomly given Apex Legends coins or having coins taken away
  • Heirlooms disappearing
  • Badges not appearing
  • Apex Account level reset

In addition, some peoples accounts seem to have been totally reset.

If you have had your Apex Legends progress reset, don't worry. All of these things are 'server side' and you should get your stats, heirlooms and progression restored when EA fix the issue.

Apex Legends progress reset gave me Apex coins

If this Apex Legends Progress Lost bug awarded you extra Apex coins that you did not pay for, be careful. It is likely that anything you spend them on will be reset or taken away when EA fix the issue.

That means that you could buy a pack, get an heirloom and lose that heirloom when the issue is addressed. EA haven't said what they are doing about players being awarded coins, but better to be safe than sorry.

Apex Legends lost stats

You're not alone if you appear to have lost all your stats from the last ranked split.

This issue appears to be impacting pretty much every single Apex Legends player right now.

That means that this issue will be instantly top of Respawn's agenda to get fixed as soon as possible. Hold tight, and wait for EA to issue a fix.

Not been impacted?

If you haven't opened the game yet since the update today, it is now safe to open the game. The Apex Legends Progress Lost bug has been resolved for players unaffected, but not yet fixed for those who had already fallen foul to this glitch.

This article will be updated with any news from EA/Respawn as soon as we get it.

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