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When is the Crownfall event end date?

Dota 2’s Crownfall is a multi-month event set to bring more Acts along the way.

The Dota 2 lore-centric event, Crownfall, bombards the Dota 2 community with tons of cosmetics and rewards. The event is divided into four Acts in which each Act will bring a fresh set of quests and rewards on an entirely new map. We are currently in Act I as the event has just kickstarted. But when exactly is the Crownfall end date?

When does the Crownfall event end?

The Crownfall event end date is not yet announced. However, we have a rough timeframe of how long the event lasts. On the official Crownfall website, Valve states that the Crownfall event will go on over the next few months.

The Markets of Midgate is just the first act of an ongoing four-act narrative that will span the next few months.

Valve on Crownfall's website.

If a single Act takes place across a month, the entire event will likely finish after four months. We speculate that the Crownfall end date falls on late August. This duration also aligns with the calendar if Valve is to launch a new event or the Compendium right before The International 2024. The prestigious TI is scheduled to kickstart early September in Copenhagen, Denmark.

More about Crownfall

The Crownfall event is a four-act narrative which stores a lot of quests and a myriad of rewards. The event revolves around the tragic lore of Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit, who are both a canon pair of couple. The event takes Dota 2 players on a journey through their lore while also letting players enjoy gaming and collecting items. Here are more pieces on the Crownfall event on esports.gg:

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