Get ready to gather those Ascension materials.

Boothill’s reveal was all fun and games until players realized how many Ascension materials they needed to outfit the newest 5-star. Players will once again need to complete the same old song and dance to bring the duelist up to max level. Most people connect cowboys with gunfighting and bootscooting, but farming is a necessary part of the lifestyle.

Official information from Hoyoverse is still scarce, but leakers have already revealed which Ascension materials players will need for Boothill.

  • Light Cone - Physical
  • Path - The Hunt
  • Rarity - 5-star

Materials to farm

Here are all four Ascension materials for Boothill in Honkai: Star Rail, according to leaks.

  • Tatters of Thought
  • Fragments of Impression
  • Shards of Desires
  • IPC Work Permit

Tatters of Thought and its upgrades are available from a wide variety of sources, but as with many Ascension materials, the Simulated Universe is the easiest way to farm them up. They drop from Memory Zone Meme enemies, which are fairly uncommon spawns in the roguelike mode. Just blitz as many Allseers and Heartbreakers as possible and hope for the best.

Boothill will likely release in update 2.2 (Image via Hoyoverse)
Boothill will likely release in update 2.2 (Image via Hoyoverse)

IPC Work Permits are not quite as straightforward. They are exclusively available from the new Stagnant Shadows fights in Clock Studios Theme Park. Trailblaze Power limits the amount you can get, so you’ll need to plan your farming schedule accordingly. Keep in mind that if you also plan on pulling for both Boothill and Robin, you’ll need to farm double the amount of Ascension materials to accommodate both characters.

Boothill Ascension and Trace materials

  1. 308,000 Credits
  2. 15 x Tatters of Thought
  3. 15 x Fragments of Impression
  4. 15 x Shards of Desires
  5. 65 x IPC Work Permit

If you plan on maxing out Boothill’s Traces, here’s all the materials you’ll need on top of the Ascension requirements.

  1. 3 million Credits
  2. 18 x Meteoric Bullet
  3. 69 x Destined Expiration
  4. 12 x New Echo of War boss material
  5. 139 x Countertemporal Shot
  6. 41 x Tatters of Thought
  7. 56 x Fragments of Impression
  8. 58 x Shards of Desires
  9. 8 x Tracks of Destiny

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